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Knights of God VBS (Re-Released For 2013)

Eternity Begins Now! Knights of God VBS is an exciting and immersing VBS experience
that your kids will love.

The Fringe Files - 2013 VBS

We hope you take the time to review our files and find out how The Fringe Files VBS is unique. Our ultimate goal is to help your uncover the mystery God revealed through Jesus Christ. Each day children will learn that 'God Saves' in a different Bible story.

In addition to the powerful stories, we help teach children how to discover God's word in the Bible by asking the 5 basic questions every agent should ask: "Who," "What," "Where," "When," and "Why!"

The Fringe Files also makes use of video drama to pull kids into a plot and immerse them into a new world where they are working to discover God's truth before time runs out.

We are happy that you have taken this opportunity to see what The Fringe Files VBS has to offer.

Rock The World VBS

Our VBS release for 2012. Help kids learn about Jesus mission on earth while they shine God’s light in their community and the world.