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Why I Miss The Olympics
Posted 03/23/2019 by Laura

We love excellence.† We love it so much, we buy things that are excellentÖor are excellently marketed.† We strive for excellence in what we do.† We admire excellence in fashion, entertainment, art, and especially athletics.† Once every 4 years, we admire that excellence in the Winter Olympics.† We cheer, cry, realize we never have a chance of beating Norway in the all-time Medal count, and we root for the underdog.† Once in every 4 years, we bask the in the athletic excellence of the greatest athletes ever.

And then, itís over.

We saw amazing things these Olympics.† But no one is watching anymore.† Iím sure they are all still training, waking up early, landing triple axles, flying down a snow-filled halfpipe, and brushing ice.† But we arenít watching.† Why?

Because itís weird.

Honestly- who spends time becoming excellent in spinning on ice?† Who runs 75 miles a week?† Who perfects a triple summersault?† Who strives for a tenth of a second less down a mountain?†

People who believe in weird excellence.

I love these people!† One of the reasons is because I remember running in NCAA Track and Field and seeing amazing things.† The kind of amazing things that you see at the Olympics.† Records are broken.† My teammate fell 6 times in steeple chase and still finished 5th.† I saw another run a 5K in 14:55- YES- a 5K.† And hardly anyone was there to see it.† This amazing feat was missed while someone was watching youtube or working on a report or playing a video game.† The truth is that we donít appreciate the excellence in this world unless it comes within our sphere, our understanding of our everyday lives.† Amazing, creative, impossible things happen without anyone noticing as these athletes excel in weird.

Childrenís ministry excels in weird.

Every week, childrenís ministry leaders write, prepare lessons, blow balloons, buy 10 more pool noodles, pray for hours, study, copy, email, drink coffee, search google, thank a team, clean up diapers, paint cardboard, get hit with dodgeballs, make more copies, send more email, and clean more diapers.† Why?

We know our God loves weird excellence.

This is how kids learn God loves them.† It is not through random lessons, but the movement of our hearts to find creative and meaningful ways to show them that Jesus loves them.† We search and search and then develop these lessons that show God is relevant to their lives.† And we donít do it for a medal.† We do it because the end result of these crazy efforts is God connecting to a soul and changing a life for eternity.† Our gold medals are in childrenís devotion to Christ, decisions to follow Him, and souls saved.

I miss the Olympics because I miss the reminder that weird excellence is truly awesome.

It reminds me of all of you.†

Keep landing triple axels in the empty arena.† God is cheering you on.† And so are we!

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