About Us

We exist to help churches lead children to Christ by providing helpful advice and distinctive products that are relevant, Bible-based, and will build devotion to Christ. We are among the many who are very concerned with the trend of young people leaving the church. We believe that this is due to two things: one, kids are not experiencing a genuine, personal relationship with Jesus as children and pre-teens, and two, kids are not building a devotion to Christ. Many have searched for the answers to this growing problem. We believe those answers are found where all wisdom begins: the Bible!

When kids come into your children‘ ministry, do they feel loved? Both instantly and throughout the experience? We believe that children‘s ministry is successful when kids experience the Love of Jesus through the sacrificial love of volunteers and when Jesus‘ love is communicated in a way all kids can perceive.

Do your kids leave your ministry prepared to withstand the struggles of life and the influences of the world? Paul ensures us that what is needed to stay strongly devoted to Christ is the Armor of God. We want to encourage kids to put into practice what they learn, so they know how to use their armor, not just put it on for Sunday mornings. We also want to help ministry leaders to partner with parents; going out and sharing the Gospel, living a life of righteousness, and learning how to use the Bible everyday simply cannot happen at church once a week.

Statement of Faith

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