Internship Opportunities with NextGen4Christ

We are psyched to be offering several internships for the summer and fall! We are an established children’s ministry resource company who develops curriculum for Vacation Bible School and other special programs. We want to add value to our products through visuals and better graphic design, as well as having video resources available for our products!

This is not an hourly paid internship, but you will get compensation when we sell each product in which you invested your time and creativity! Our VBS and other products rank high on reviews, so it’ll look great on a resume someday, too! But what matters most is that you’ll get to reach kids with creative ways to discover Jesus! Each position is about 20 hours over 5 weeks! Let us know you are interested via email!

Why I miss the Olympics
We love excellence. We love it so much, we buy things that are excellent…or are excellently marketed. We strive for excellence in what we do. We admire excellence in fashion, entertainment, art, and especially athletics. Once every 4 years, we admire that excellence in the Winter Olympics. We cheer, cry, realize we never have a chance of beating Norway in the all-time Medal count, and we root for the underdog. Once in every 4 years, we bask the in the athletic excellence of the greatest athletes ever.

And then, it‘s over.